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We have been in the tire business since 1979, and distribute tires in Canada. Tires are made in China and inner tubes are made in South Korea. The tires are sold by container loads and are manufactured according to market requirements.

All tires are backed by customer satisfaction guarantee. All claims are handled promptly. To help our customers maximize profits, we provide a unique product line of tires in container load.

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Westlake Tires

Light Truck Radial Tires

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6.50R16TL 10


31X10.50R15TL 8
LT235/75R15TL 6
LT235/75R16TL 8
LT235/85R16TL 10
LT245/75R16TL 10
LT265/75R16TL 10
7.00R15 8/10
7.00R16 10/12


6.50R15TT 10
7.00R16TT 12
7.50R16TT 14


5.00R12 LT 8


7.50R16 14


165/70R14C TL 6
185/R14 C TL 8
185/R15 C TL 8
195/75R14C TL 8
205R14C TL 8
205/70R14 TL
155R12CL 6
165R13CTL 8
155R13CTL 8



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